Harpreet Singh

CTO & Co-Founder @ Kvantum

An expert in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies for driving
business actionability with a specific focus on marketing & sales domains. As a co-founder &
CTO of Kvantum, an AI based consumer intelligence & marketing attribution company,
Harpreet has brought concepts from control theory, GPS navigation, climate analytics,
quantitative finance & big data to build a platform for rapid estimation and tracking of social
systems like marketing, social media & consumer preferences. Prior to Kvantum, Harpreet had
worked with Target in their data science group in a leadership position to bring real-time, GPU
based compute algorithms to solve retail scale problems in forecasting & optimization. Harpreet
has worked for 10 years with Publicis-Sapient in consulting leading global brands extensively on
multi-channel marketing and commerce operations, marketing strategy and organization design.
Harpreet has worked with clients in CPG, Retail, e-commerce, Financial Services, Healthcare,
Media & Entertainment and Hi-Tech verticals on a wide range of marketing and commerce
initiatives involving capability development and marketing performance management. Harpreet
has an MBA degree from the University of California Davis, Graduate School of Management
and under-graduate engineering degree from IIT Delhi. Currently, Harpreet’s primary area of
interest and research is on establishing evolutionary, real time, simulation based algorithmic
systems to track business performance data across all functions of an enterprise, and provide
real time tracking and guidance.

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